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In this postmodern age, it’s important that we’re able to take a critical look at our sources of information. A meta-analysis of all the different newspapers in a community can reveal a lot about ideologies, biases, and levels of factual accuracy among the different papers. Don’t you want to know where the newspaper you read ranks? We’re Rochester NY Newspapers, a vigilant media watchdog organization. We’re sticklers when it comes to holding newspapers accountable for including or referencing information that is incorrect. On the flip side, it is critical to praise and applaud newspapers for bringing valuable, factual information to readers. On our website you’ll be able to read all about local newspapers, as well as various other topics of interest around Rochester, NY. We even provide you with relevant tips that will help you in starting up your own newspaper, in pursuit of a more democratized media sphere. Rochester, NY is a beautiful city with a vibrant arts and music culture. Feel free to comment on our articles and we hope that you’ll keep up with our website. Thanks for stopping by our corner of the net!