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A majority of weddings end in divorce. What do you do with that other half to ensure your marriage a success? Some of the top divorce lawyers visited Glamour to share a few guidelines for those who wish for that dream step.

Enter It With Eyes Wide Wide
This is a serious decision that can be made by looking through rose-colored glasses. The most important thing is to understand the value of the marriage. Try to understand your spouse in depth. Accept the fact that they’re not meeting your needs as a companion. Be aware of their weaknesses and things they’re still working on. A lasting relationship is formed between two people that are able to be who they truly are.

Talk about the tough topics
Your spouse can be a part of your life wholeheartedly in the intimacy of your marriage. It’s important to have discussions about difficult topics, such as finances and career plans, dreams and whether children are going to become part of the mix. As you navigate difficult situations as well, you’ll also acquire skills that allow you to overcome conflict and face tough times.

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