An Overview of Criminal Law – Madison County Library

Alty is responsible for the prosecution and defense of suspected criminals. There are a variety of sub-specialties that are part of the field. The video below provides an description of the subject of criminal law, as and what it means to be a criminal attorney.

An attorney’s primary responsibility is to help someone who has been injured hold those who injured them accountable and prevent them from causing further problems. It could mean obtaining an order for restraining, or even sending the defendant in jail. In any case, the hurt party needs to be able to prove the defendant committed the accused behavior.

The accused act can be an act that infringes on rights of the other individual. This is called tort. It could refer to theft attack, fraud, murder and many more. To prosecute an alleged criminal, the criminal lawyer will take evidence.

Additionally, there are unintentional torts including vehicular manslaughter. In these cases, someone doesn’t have the intention to inflict harm, but commit a mistake that leads to the injury or death of another party.

Below is a video that provides further details about criminal law basics.