Choosing Between Fence Types Cedar vs. Vinyl – NC Pool Supply

and vinyl are two of the most well-liked fences for people across the country however, how do you know what type of fence is the best fit for your property? If you’re considering installing fencing, here’s what you should know to decide which type you want.

Vinyl and cedar have similar installation costs but are slightly more costly. Fences made of cedar require staining in order to be protected. The cost of fencing will increase by more than $1,000. There is a need to renew a wood fence every 3 to 4 years so that it can last an extended period of time. So, while a vinyl fence will price you higher upfront but a fence made of cedar will be more expensive in the long run.

Vinyl is the most suitable option for building a fence around your yard. Vinyl is less costly than cedar and requires little maintenance. If you are installing a vinyl fence all you need to do is periodically rinse off the dust, pollen and mold that may accumulate on the fence. You won’t have to contact another contractor once your vinyl fence has been installed, unless your fence breaks or requires repair.