Dental Implants Are They Right for Me? – Teeth Video

Implants could be losing some of the bone mass that is in their jaws. When that happens, adding implant-ready bone may be required in a short time. The teeth that were damaged in the first place need to be taken out before the bone can be added to the jaw. Implants require strength and support. Incorporating bone into the gums could assist.

The dentists will typically take bone tissue from the other areas of the skeleton of the patient for this procedure. After grafting bone onto teeth, the patients need to wait for the graft of bone to be healed before they can place the dental implants in the socket. However, after both phases of the procedure are finished, dental experts will be able to assist patients with numerous oral health issues all on the same day.

Insuring the rest of your teeth by using the aid of a dental implant can be done. The stronger jaw of a patient can be just as helpful. The gaps in the mouth of a patient could gradually affect the alignment of teeth remaining after enough time passes. Patients may find it easier to chew their meals after those procedures. Bone augmentation is an affordable and efficient option to address existing dental issues and stop future issues.