Getting Informed is Easier Than Ever Before

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When it comes to getting the news and keeping up with important stories, people have many options. While some will open up the newspaper in the morning with their cup of coffee to catch up, others might want to listen to the radio while they are at work. However, according to a 2012 Pew study, those two choices are far less popular than other mediums. Some 55% of people included in the study said that they watched TV to get the news on the previous day, making it the most popular option, and 39% said that they got updates online or on their mobile device. This means that, unfortunately, Rochester NY newspapers and others from around the country are having trouble finding their place. However, it also means that keeping up with Rochester NY local news and the latest news worldwide is becoming easier.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why people prefer to keep up with the latest news worldwide by watching TV. While some might find that it is the most convenient option because it allows them to relax with their feet up after work, others might like the fact that they do not have to go seeking out stories in order to get updates. Others, like David Pierce in a November 2012 article for The Verge writes that it is the “first thing we turn to when something happens.” News programs have a long history of reliability, making them the first option for many.

However, that trend might be changing, especially for the younger generation. According to the Pew study, only 34% of people under the age of 30 said that they watched the news on TV on the previous day. In 2006, that number was just under half. Considering the fact that online news is becoming more popular, it is easy to think that there is a time in the future where the internet will surpass television when it comes to how people learn about the latest news worldwide.

Virtually every news station, in Rochester and other cities across the country, has realized that have a strong internet and mobile presence is a must. Rochester NY news channel 8 and others in the area all have websites that are constantly updated with the latest developments and mobile apps that allow people to get informed while on the go. Though this certainly doesn’t mean that TV networks are simply going to cancel their programming any time soon, it does mean that the overall news landscape is evolving.