How to use ExactFlat for efficiently producing insulation covers – Source and Resource

If you are moving away from the old pattern-making, it is important to utilize a pattern-making software. It can be time-consuming and challenging to design an industrial-grade insulation blanket that is compatible with existing equipment.

It is a big issue, how can you create insulating wraps in the shortest amount of time? How do you accomplish all this without spending a dime? ExactFlat is the most convenient way to produce digital patterns that can be used on all of your products. ExactFlat allows you to create an exact pattern in fractions of a minute.

ExactFlat lets you accurately control various manufacturing processes that previously required a lot of time and effort. It reduces the complicated geometry of soft goods CAD models like textiles, fabrics, furniture cushions, and more for cutting. The program also examines the model carefully for stretch and sag so that it is a perfect fit the first time.

The capability to flatten and flatten insulation covers for pipework is a fantastic example of the software’s power and flexibility. Pipe insulation requires cutting precisely layers of insulation and precisely placing straps and fasteners. Exactflat is an ideal instrument for wrapping pipes or valves.