Not Every Rochester NY Newspaper is Created Equal

Rochester ny newspapers

Each Rochester NY newspaper primarily aims to present the news in a fair and accurate fashion. This newspaper would hire experienced staff members who had either completed journalism training or who had some formal training in media before. It would ensure those reporters and journalists adhered to higher standards. And it would aspire to reach great heights of journalism, regardless of the subjects at hand.

So how does one choose which Rochester NY newspaper to select as a loyal reader? Often, it comes down to plain and simple preference. Some people like a certain Rochester NY newspaper because of the overall design palette implemented or the font used. Others like a particular Rochester newspaper because of the style certain writers have to captivate an audience. Others still choose Rochester NY newspapers because of their reputation. But what usually happens is that one local paper stands out above the rest as being the sole source of news coverage for this upstate New York town.

Most Rochester newspapers consider themselves in competition with other papers. They strive for the very best journalism at all ethical costs. And so normally, one Rochester NY newspaper gets ahead of the rest by keeping its presence known, by making itself as embedded in the local community as possible, and by presenting the news in the fairest and most reliable fashion. Often, that Rochester NY newspaper has the most readership and garners the most awards.

So how can one tell which Rochester NY newspaper actually is the best in town? Normally, through investigating which newspapers have the largest number of regular subscribers, one could determine which Rochester NY newspaper is the most relied upon. Through this method, someone could easily identify readership numbers and then propose that one paper stands high above the rest because of the number of readers it has.

Also, someone could tell that a Rochester NY newspaper is the best due to its number of awards. This includes national and regional awards that have been won by its reporters and editors, its photographers, and its publishers due to the hard work they have done each day to feature quality writing and perform impeccable journalism. The papers that win the most awards generally are the best at reporting the news, so a good bet is won that someone picking an award winning paper will get better coverage than someone picking a generalized, small town paper.