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Rochester newspapers

In the technological climate of the past fifteen years or so, the internet has slowly lured away much of the Rochester newspaper audience. However, just as many industries were forced to scramble by changing and adapting to an internet oriented world, print media like the Rochester newspaper followed suit. Each of the Rochester NY newspapers has its own website to supplement its print publication. The idea that a Rochester ny newspaper website is a supplement to Rochester newspapers is amusing, for it is likely that most people access their news via Rochester newspaper websites. If this is the case, which it probably is, it is not necessarily a negative thing. For the internet has made it possible to have a more informed public.

Some may chuckle at the notion that Rochester newspaper websites have fostered greater public interest in the news and current events than during the pre internet world. They may think that believing in such a ludicrous notion is taking a huge leap of faith, especially given the fact that the typical American consumer appears more apathetic and fickle as ever. Granted, young American are considerably more precocious today than they were twenty years ago, but that cannot be attributed to any Rochester newspaper. For better or worse, these skeptics might contend, the internet has just served to create short attention spans for those who yearn for, and even demand, constant and instant entertainment. Thus, for these capricious, solipsistic masses the internet is a playground of computer gaming, social media, Youtube, and porn. Any kind of of appetite for legitimate news that is not related to reality television gossip or Ultimate Fighting Championships is unlikely.

However, there are others who do not harbor such pessimistic opinions regarding the typical American. Surely, there is enough misery in the world of which everyone hears via news sources, including the Rochester Newspaper. With all the bleakness of the world, what person does not seek entertainment and distraction from all of the darkness that envelops them every day? A positive consequence of the pervasiveness of the news media from national cable news to the Rochester newspaper, is the fact that people have to put forth very little effort to remain informed about important current events. The online Rochester newspaper, in particular, allows citizens to remain informed, while, at the same time, providing columns aimed at helping citizens enjoy their daily lives.