Types of Tarps – Great Conversation Starters

using boats and cars to picnics outdoors and camping. This video discusses some reasons to use Tarps as well as the various types offered.

Open mesh tarps coated with vinyl are the very first. It can be used on fencing, covering bushes/shrubs/grass/etc., and even shading. To last, it’s made from high-strength nylon with it’s PVC coating.

An open mesh weatherproof roofing tarp is readily available. This tarp provides many of the same benefits as the open mesh tarp that is coated with vinyl. However, it has more weight, double the yard count and two times the strength. It’s ideal as a truck cover due to its increased strength.

The 10-ounce canvas chart is the next choice. It’s good for weather protection and helps to stop the development of unhealthy mildew. The same tarp may be purchased with the help of a flame retardant. The tarp can be used for covering vehicles and equipment within your garage, like an electric mower or a motorcycle.

A heavy-duty, silver poly Tarp is the final option. It’s perfect for use in heavy-duty situations due to its strength and weight. For more information on different types of tarps and their diverse purposes, please click the link for the above video.