Unique Accommodations Found At Most Rochester NY Hotels

Rochester hotels

Thousands of years ago, the Greeks created thermal baths within their villages to rest and recuperate. A little over a century ago, the country’s first hotel with a private bathroom in every room and running water was opened in Buffalo, NY, at the Statler Hotel in 1904. A few hours away, Rochester NY hotels offer world class accommodations to visitors.

Hotels in Rochester NY are mostly equipped with today’s modern amenities, from whirlpools and tubs to wireless Internet access. While visitors often leave their cell phone chargers at these Rochester ny hotels, they often are recovered when the Rochester NY hotels contact them to alert them of what they have left behind. Most hotels rochester ny offers are happy to provide this service, since people do often leave things behind. They take things too, with pool towels and room towels being the most commonly snagged items. But Rochester NY hotels do not necessarily mind that these towels are stolen, and most hotels Rochester offers build this into their budgets. They know that worse things could happen, like what goes on in British hotels. According to Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine, some items stolen from these hotels have included a four foot wooden bear, a medieval sword, and the hinges of a door.

Most Rochester hotels overlook the stealing part and focus on the accommodating part. Nearly every Rochester NY hotel is built around the idea of service to customers, regardless of their needs. This is largely what keeps these hotels around.
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