Unusual Gravestones – Entertainment Videos

Gravestones that are intriguing are plentiful. In this video, you will learn about some of the most mysterious gravestones in the world.

The very first gravestone in the mystery is in honor of two wives to Mr. Bean from the mid 1800’s. Mr. Bean was fortunate enough to have two marriages, the second wife passing away shortly afterwards. Their shared gravestone has a alphabet of numbers and letters on it. It took them until the 1970’s for the stone to be decoded. The message is very nice and also states God has given them a gift. God.

Pennsylvania’s smooth gravestones are another example. The intricate designs on the gravestones resemble master stonemasons. The inscriptions however aren’t. In reality, they’re completely seamless. There is a belief that they might have had names written to them instead of engraving. But, the elaborate and unmarked gravestones are still a mystery to this day. Furthermore, although there is only one of these stones There are many gravestones with similar designs located in Pennsylvania.