What are Insulating Shades – Awkward Family Photos


You can cut down your winter energy costs as well as save money. This video will show the best shade of insulation.

The best option is to get cellular shades. The honeycomb pockets in these shades create air pockets that will help to insulate windows. The shades are available in triple, double and single triple cells depending on how much insulation you want.

Another option to think about when purchasing cellular shades are if you want cordless or corded. Cordless are ideal if you have pets or children who may try and play with the cords , and possibly cause injury to them and to your home.

There are a variety of hues to choose for your cellular shades. You can choose neutral tones which will give your room a timeless, clean, and unobtrusive look. Bolder colors can be used to emphasize other aspects in the room and give it more personality.

Selecting the best shades for your home is really entirely up to you. There are many options available depending on your needs and budget, your style preference and functional requirements. Follow the link above to find out more information about the many shades.