What You Should Know About Bail – Car Crash Video

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What Is Bail?
Bail refers to the release of suspects in police custody while they wait for trial. The judge determines the bail amount to be paid to make sure that the person being held is committed to abiding by certain conditions for example, return to the court.

Who has the right to be a bailee?
Though laws vary among states, everyone who are charged with crimes that are not capital have the option of being released. However, if a suspect is awaiting a court order the suspect is usually not eligible to be released on bail.

What’s the difference Between Bail and Bond?
The majority of people are using the words interchangeably, but they’re not exactly the same actually.
A suspect is required to pay bail in order for release from prison and the bond an agreement to make bail payments on behalf of the suspect to ensure their release. The third party takes on the responsibility.

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