When to Fix that Crack in Your Windshield – 1302 Super

There’s something visible at the top of your windshield. It jumps out at the you. Your windshield, which yesterday was a clear glass piece to shield you from the relentless air, now displays a giant crack in it. The crack could be caused by a spiderweb crack from a rock, or it could be a stress-point crack across the bottom with no rhyme or reason.

A professional auto glass service will help you get on your way quickly. It is worth adding a replacement for glass clause in your insurance policy, if there isn’t one. A $0 deductible can help you avoid financial disaster. Auto glass payments is offered to those who do not have insurance. It will stop your from paying for the total cost all at once.

You might be asking, do dealerships replace windshields? Though the answer is “yes” for a lot of other repairs, there are few advantages to working with independent stores.

If the crack is less than one quarter inch the size glasses repair kits for cracks can be used to repair it. Small cracks are able to disappear by filling them with epoxy.