Where Americans Get Their News

Rochester newspapers

The internet is quickly becoming the new leading source for how the American public gets its local, national, and international news. In fact, according to Pew Research data, the internet has already surpassed traditional mediums such as newspapers and radio, and is quickly closing in on television. That being said, sixty six of Americans still turn their television sets on when looking for the latest news. To accommodate this change in news consumption, nearly every news outlet in existence has its very own online counterpart to complement its more traditional medium for delivering the news. This is true for television, radio, and print sources, including Rochester newspapers.

The differences in how Americans choose to consume their news is largely generational. For people younger than 30, the internet is number one. Among Americans aged 30 to 49, the number of people who get their news from the internet is equal to those who get their news from tv station outlets. For those 65 year and older, however, print publications such as Rochester newspapers are still a significant source; 60 percent as opposed to 25 percent of the 18 to 24 year old demographic. Interestingly enough, Sunday readership numbers are holding steady for the youngest cohort while they are falling off for the older demographic. Another useful fact that shows that print, such as Rochester ny newspapers, is still a viable source of news and information is in the advertising revenue category. In the past ten years, annual ad revenue dollars have plummeted from more than $46 million to under $24 million. However, if recent years predict the trend, the numbers are leveling off and newspapers have not experienced significant losses in the past two years, according to the Newspaper Association of America, which tracks daily and weekly print publications akin to Rochester newspapers.

To counter these dwindling trends, most news outlets are reinventing their approach to delivering the news. As expressed in Pew Research data, even if ad revenues are falling, there is still a great demand from an audience and circulation standpoint. The websites of local Rochester newspapers, for example, have relatively strong viewership numbers, according to Webstatsdomain.com. Similarly, in a city comprised of approximately one million people, Rochester newspapers still have a loyal fan base. Like the statistic mentioned above, however, Sunday readership numbers are still in the leader board position with some Rochester newspapers. Most modern news sources, including Rochester newspapers, are adopting new online platforms to serve the changing trends of their target demographic.