Why You Should Rethink Newspaper Advertising

Rochester newspaper

While marketing efforts have certainly begun to transition from the traditional sense to a more digital one, there is no denying that there are benefits to sticking with the basics. If you are a local Rochester business debating whether you should be advertising in the Rochester newspaper, there are a few benefits that may sway you even closer in that direction.

First, unlike most other advertising outlets, newspapers tend to have a proactive audience.
Unlike television commercials which typically do not get the full attention of their audience, newspaper readers are actively looking at the paper. While advertising in Rochester newspapers does not guarantee that your ad will be seen, the likelihood is significantly increased.

Another great advantage to advertising in the Rochester ny newspaper besides a proactive audience is a targeted one. Advertising in the Rochester newspaper as a local business ensures that you are advertising to people who will find the ad to be relevant. Have you ever seen a commercial for a business that does not have a location anywhere even close to you? This helps to avoid that situation, and helps you to advertised to a highly specialized audience.

Finally, advertising with Rochester NY newspapers is a reputation booster. Rochester newspaper subscribers build a relationship with the paper, often as long time subscribers, and view it as a valid, trusted news source. If they are featuring your advertisement, it gives you credibility with your audience. Newspaper advertising also make your advertisements more concrete. While a TV ad is fleeting, your advertisement will sit on the counter of a bowl of cereal, or can be re read again later in the day.

There are several benefits to sticking with more traditional medium such as the newspaper, so if you had not considered working with your local Rochester newspaper, perhaps you should.