Wrongful Eviction May Lead to an Arrest – Dan Park Law Group

ticularly true is the case in New York. The law surrounding evictions can be complicated so be sure to can find a competent legal defense attorney who will represent your interests. In this video, you will see an officer of the police confronting the landlord and tenant in Syracuse about a possible illegal removal.

The amount of illegally evicted people is on the rise in the wake of the crisis. It could be because of the closure of companies or the loss of job. What is an illegal eviction , in the first instance? Unlawful eviction is when the landlord is forced to evict tenants in the absence of a court order. Evictions that are illegal can involve small actions, such as locking doors. The eviction would be regarded as to be a crime under the laws of New York State.

On the video in the video, you will see how the police officer tries to calm the landlord and tenant. Tenant is angry as her landlord has removed her from her apartment and taken all the belongings. The land lord is upset since the tenant is owed more than $15,000. Also, the tenant didn’t take care to clean her stove. This has led to the landlord getting punished. It is important to take eviction very seriously.