How The Rochester Newspaper Market Is Thriving Despite Economic Turmoil

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Every Rochester NY newspaper has had to make some concessions since the recession and in many cases even before that time to compete in a landscape that is always changing. And while some may feel that this landscape is leaving the Rochester newspaper business behind, a closer look at this assumption is in order. After all, many Rochester NY newspapers have done very well in this space, even since the economic recession. That is because most of them have used the following tools.

One tool many Rochester newspapers have used has been the Internet. And while this is of no surprise to anyone since every Rochester newspaper must be online in order for healthy competition to occur, it does matter how these newspapers are using the Internet. It is not enough for them to simply use it; they must do so in a fashion that encourages communication, interactivity, and a strong sense of community. Some newspapers in town have done a bang up job of this, while others are trying desperately to follow suit.

Another tool put into play by virtually every Rochester newspaper today is the idea to give back to the local community. Newspapers for decades have been embedded in their respective local communities, partnering with school systems and developing business partnerships with companies in town to foster an appreciation of the area and of the pursuits that are reasonably attainable there. But in order for these relationships to continue, these newspapers have had to strengthen them in unique and creative ways.

A third tool virtually every Rochester newspaper these days uses is the myriad resources available at the many journalism schools across the country. These schools are churning out excellent job candidates, with people who are poised for greatness in the fields of writing, of communication, and of publishing in general. By utilizing these resources and by hiring writers, editors, publishers, and producers with good experience and strong educational backgrounds, these newspapers are saving themselves from high turnover and from struggling with employee retention. And they are getting better articles and coverage in the process.

These tools that almost every Rochester newspaper these days uses are pretty basic, but their importance cannot be misinterpreted. Just because they are simple does not automatically mean they are no brainers. Some papers forget about where they come from and subsequently have no idea where they are heading. But the successful newspapers in town have it all figured out.