What to Know About Rochester Newspapers

Rochester ny newspaper

Rochester, NY is a vibrant, busy city. It is home to Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch and Lomb, as well as a slew of growing small businesses. In addition, Rochester has a booming arts community and its own culinary delights. In order to keep informed of all these things, you have a variety of newspapers to choose from.

In order to stay in the know with the local diocese, one of the available Rochester NY newspapers is the Catholic Courier. Here you will find everything from global news from the Vatican to goings on at local Catholic schools. It keeps you up to date with everything going on in the church.

A more general publication is the Rochester City Newspaper. It contains op eds, upcoming events, arts and entertainment news, restaurant guides, and classifieds. Aside from the editorials, this one tends not to get too political, which many people prefer.

For business people, there is The Daily Record. Unlike other Rochester newspapers, this publication focuses on real estate, finance, and law. It offers a nice alternative for more intellectually inclined readers that want to know what is going on that affects them.

For a more high profile alternative, check out the Rochester Business Journal. This is more widely recognized and includes top business lists, multimedia, and opinion pieces. This is geared more towards executives and business owners, as well as people considering new careers.

The most well known of all the Rochester newspapers is The Democrat and Chronicle. This follows the traditional newspaper format of local and global news, culture, sports, weather, and editorials. This is what most people in Rochester think of when you mention the word newspaper, but it is helpful to know what alternatives are out there as well.

No matter what your preference is, there is a Rochester newspaper that works for you. All of them are available online as well, and that usually comes with extra features like videos or interactivity. Whichever one you like the best, keep supporting this industry and stay informed!