Identifying the Different Kinds of Sprinkler Heads – Best Family Games

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A sprinkler head can be by far the primary component in your sprinkler system. The sprinkler heads will determine the type of spray you receive. Every head is used for either firing or water.

If you’re looking to purchase a sprinkler head for your sprinkler system or perhaps you’re interested in exploring other options, here’s a list of every type available.

Sprinkler heads fall into two types based on their purpose of use, namely fire suppression or irrigation. The pop-up type of sprinklers is the most frequently used sprinklers for irrigation since they are pendant types of sprinkler heads.

These sprinklers are utilized in ground irrigation systems for commercial as well as residential uses. The body is submerged in the ground and activated.

Sprinkler heads come in four different varieties in order to fight a fire: upright, pendentand concealed sidewall. You can find a sprinkler head of various dimensions, styles and setting.

Learn more about the different types of sprinklers in this instructional video.